Pioneering Creative Empowerment: Designity Sets New Standards in the Creative Industry

Pioneering Creative Empowerment: Designity Sets New Standards in the Creative Industry

Grand News Network / August 3, 2023 11:30 AM
Pioneering Creative Empowerment: Designity Sets New Standards in the Creative Industry

Broadway, New york, United States, 3rd Aug 2023, King NewsWire – Designity, the leading online platform that revolutionizes the creative process for businesses and creatives, has been making headlines with its visionary approach to the creative industry. Recently featured in high-profile events and media outlets, Designity continues to shape and impact the future of work and the creative sector

One of the key drivers behind Designity’s success is the way it empowers design students and helps set standards in the creative industry. As part of its future-proofing strategy, the platform has highlighted the top five trends in the future of work, emphasizing that the traditional mentality of working in a physical office has become outdated due to the global pandemic.

When clients begin working with Designity, they are paired with a Creative Director (CD) who matches their personality and serves as their primary point of contact. The CD collaborates with a versatile team of creatives to fulfill businesses’ design and marketing needs. Responsibilities of the CD include discussing the client’s objectives, presenting strategic growth ideas, creating project briefs and actionable timelines, assigning the appropriate creatives from a vetted pool, and managing them to ensure a seamless and high-quality outcome. This model leads to a 10x faster turnaround compared to traditional creative agencies, and it is 65% more cost-effective than maintaining in-house creative teams. The blend of tech-enabled platform automations, highly vetted US-based creatives, and a visionary CD create a singular experience for clients, opening new avenues for growth.

“Designity was founded with the intention to bridge the gap between creatives and clients, and to help them expand their portfolios and land their dream careers,” said Shahrouz Varshabi. “We’re proud to continue supporting both designers and businesses, contributing to a thriving, collaborative, and innovative ecosystem.”

The company’s mission is to empower creatives and provide opportunities to expand their portfolios. As an Iranian immigrant, Varshabi started with a bootstrap approach, proving that it’s not just a successful creative service but also a realization of an American Dream.

With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and the future of work, Designity continues to make strides in the creative industry. Join the growing number of creatives and businesses who are part of the Designity revolution. Together, we’re shaping the future of the creative world.

About Designity

Designity is a leading on-demand creative services platform. Founded by Shahrouz Varshabi, the platform connects businesses with a network of talented creatives. is committed to revolutionizing the creative process, fostering talent, and setting a new standard in the creative industry.

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