Meet the Disruptor Democratizing AI in Education

Meet the Disruptor Democratizing AI in Education

Grand News Network / August 2, 2023 11:30 AM

Mr. McDowell founded Just Think with the belief that AI should benefit all of society, not just the wealthy few

Meet the Disruptor Democratizing AI in Education

Dallas, TX, United States, 2nd Aug 2023 – James McDowell wants educators to “Just Think” about their AI potential. As the founder and CEO of Just Think AI, James is on a mission to make artificial intelligence accessible for all by providing AI-powered tools to schools and underserved communities.

Mr. McDowell brings a unique perspective to the world of artificial intelligence. Raised in Fort Worth, Texas, James found a passion for computers at a young age. While pursuing computer science at UTA, he recognized AI’s immense potential for driving social change. After college James set out to create Just Think, an AI company with a social conscience aimed at democratizing access to technology for underserved communities.

The Vision

Headquartered in Dallas, Just Think AI makes leading AI simple and easy to use through four key products:

AI Chat – Customizable conversational bots for interactive teaching and tutoring

Text to Speech – Converts text into natural sounding human speech

Image to Video – Transforms photos into dynamic video content

Text to Art – Generates original images from text descriptions

With median black household incomes projected to hit zero by 2050, it’s more urgent than ever to get AI tools into the hands of underserved communities. Just Think AI aims to empower educators and entrepreneurs with the skills to succeed in the future economy. Their platform democratizes access to AI, allowing anyone to leverage its advantages.

Mr. McDowell founded Just Think with the belief that AI should benefit all of society, not just the wealthy few. His company is committed to developing responsible AI that creates new opportunities for communities most impacted by inequality. With the right technology and training, James wants to see people lift themselves up.

Education Initiatives

To directly improve AI accessibility in education, James founded the Just Think Foundation – that is committed to using AI technology to provide students who live in underserved communities with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) academic achievement and mentorship opportunities. Their goal is to provide 100 AI subscriptions to Educators to assist them in achieving their academic goals.

As a disruptor democratizing access to artificial intelligence in education, Mr. McDowell represents the inclusive future of AI. His unique leadership is guiding AI towards real-world impact by meeting teachers and students where they are and empowering them to shape the future. James wants educators everywhere to “Just Think” about what’s possible when AI works for the benefit of all.

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