‘business Bishop’ And Powerhouse Strategist Formulate A Game-Changing Alliance To Transform Entrepreneurial Landscape

‘business Bishop’ And Powerhouse Strategist Formulate A Game-Changing Alliance To Transform Entrepreneurial Landscape

Grand News Network / July 28, 2023 7:00 AM
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United States, 28th Jul 2023, King NewsWire – Unveiling an unprecedented alliance of intellectual power and business acumen, HG Bishop Dr. Michael Bates Sr., globally acclaimed as the ‘Business Bishop’, and the indomitable business strategist Dr. Stacee Lang join forces. Together they plan to redefine the terrain of entrepreneurial mentorship and business education via their innovative venture, the Smart People Network, Inc.

**”Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with a platform that nourishes the mind and the spirit, offering them the tools they need to thrive,” states Dr. Bates, the co-CEO of the Smart People Network, Inc.

Riding high on their extraordinary professional journey, the duo’s combined prowess promises a knowledge portal that harmoniously blends business insight with spiritual depth. Dr. Bates, revered as a radio host, author, and business titan, shines in his varied roles at Truth Church, Harvest Christian University, and notably as the visionary behind St. Louis’s premier Black-Owned Internet Radio Station, 88.1 The Truth and MIX995FM.NET.

Dr. Lang, likened to the amalgamation of “Oprah and Michelle Obama,” co-penned the influential book “Collaboration Is the New Currency” with Dr. Bates. Known for her incredible transition from a single mom on public assistance to a God-made millionaire, she is a beacon of hope for entrepreneurs worldwide.

**”No one is born a millionaire, we become one through the right mentorship, strategies and a lot of grit,” asserts Dr. Lang, the renowned strategist who has single-handedly won over $500 million in grant and private funding.

The Smart People Network, Inc. offers an array of business wealth planning solutions, covering a vast range from tax planning, estate planning, insurance, grants, business loans, to credit building. Their distinctive 7 Figure Faith Founders program gifts entrepreneurs with 12 months of meticulous mentorship to spark growth and success.

In their quest to enhance entrepreneurial education, Dr. Bates and Dr. Lang are set to launch the Big Biz Bootcamp (Details @ nwww.BLKHustlersUniversity). This program is designed to equip entrepreneurs to tackle business challenges head-on, develop foolproof growth strategies, and optimize resource allocation for sustained business growth.

**”We welcome all passionate entrepreneurs to become part of our diverse, inclusive community, where we embrace every business, every gender, and every story,” promises Dr. Bates.

To find out more about the Smart People Network, Inc. and their forthcoming Big Biz Bootcamp, visit www.SmartPeopleNetwork.com.

About HG Bishop Dr. Michael Bates Sr.

Dr. Michael Bates Sr., adoringly dubbed the ‘Business Bishop’, is a distinguished business mogul, radio host, author, and political strategist. He serves as co-founder of the Smart People Network, Inc., Presiding Bishop at Truth Church and Mecca Church of ATL, and as the CEO of SPN Media, Inc.

About Dr. Stacee Lang Dr. Stacee Lang, a globally celebrated business strategist and author, is the co-founder and Managing Partner of the Smart People Network Corp. She has influenced various Fortune 500 companies, tech start-ups, non-profits, and universities with her strategic acumen and has won over $500,000,000 in grant and private funding.

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